Acts 4:1…

Acts 4:1…

There are two kingdoms at war on the earth.

While the warfare is mostly invisible and largely concealed, it becomes apparent when Jesus’ power is revealed, especially publicly.

The two kingdoms at war on the earth are the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of Satan. These are the only kingdoms present on the earth, and we belong to one or the other. There is no middle ground.

Now that power in the name of Jesus Christ has been publicly and profoundly revealed with the miraculous healing of the man lame since birth, and the Word of God proclaimed, all hell breaks out.

At the very point of a glorious revival, hellish religion hurries in to hold its ground.

The same crowd that had been rushing in to the temple at the hour of prayer in the name of religious practice now found itself startlingly arrested by the power of Christ.

What would, what could religion do to defend itself? The answer: exert power. In the name of tradition. In the name of loyalty to custom and practice. In the name of things being the way they have always been. This is and always has been the vain characteristic of all world religion, and it protects itself by the employment of the weight of all of that.

It is one thing to be falsely accused. That is terrible. It is quite something else again to be accused and arrested for doing a good work. To be falsely accused could be the result of human error in the name of seeking to do right. To be accused and arrested for doing a good work in the name of Jesus Christ is evidence of Spiritual warfare. Two kingdoms colliding.

Who would prevent people from coming to Christ? Who could?

When we find ourselves persecuted for doing good on the earth we can know who is involved. There are no good works apart from Christ, so we can know whose side we are on. Jesus promised to always be with those who do good works in His name. We should expect the enemy to hate the Jesus in us just as He did Jesus in the world.

-Pastor Bill