Acts 4:23…

Acts 4:23…

We say all the time, “God is sovereign.”

Another thing we say is, “God is in control.”

Until you experience His divine direction in your life for yourself, these sayings are only ‘hoped-for’ statements. “I sure hope God is in control…”

But when you DO experience His divine involvement – you know. And what you know is He knows. And when you know God knows then you know the God Who Knows: The King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

It seems it takes an extraordinary event of some kind for us to perceive God’s direct involvement. We little think of God’s direct involvement in our next heartbeat, or our next breath, or in our conception and design, or in the amazing intricacies of the molecular functions of our bodies or the intensely complicated interactions of our cells. We little think of even where our thoughts come from or how they form.

But then along comes an extraordinary event which draws our attention to God’s intention. And then we see. Then our eyes are opened wide. Peter and John being released by the Sanhedrin was one of those life events that just left them and the other disciples in awe. Amazed. How could this be?

The same Sanhedrin that had Jesus put to death has just released Peter and John with only a warning – and this despite the fact Peter basically told them to their faces they would not follow their warning.

It was Peter’s brutal honesty in the name of Jesus Christ that got him in trouble in the first place, and it was Peter’s brutal honesty that got him out of the trouble he found himself in. Peter and John refused to compromise or to appease the Sanhedrin. They would continue to proclaim forgiveness of sin and salvation and eternal life in the name of Jesus Christ. (The very One this very Sanhedrin had voted guilty of blasphemy and crucified.) And they would stand in God’s sovereign protection and experience His control in a way they never would have had they compromised.

And then they gathered to pray for even more experiences just like this. Bring it on!

-Pastor Bill