Acts 4:32…

Acts 4:32…

When a person is first saved by God the transformation is so radical it all becomes a blur. It is a first-love experience. Truly.

Nothing of this world matters any more. There is a view into heaven that takes complete control of life. The old, “I think maybe I might be going to heaven,” has been replaced by, “I am certain I am going…”

And nothing can undo this thinking. Not Satan, not friends or family, and not possessions or previous plans. The kingdom awaits, and that’s all that matters. All sin has been forgiven and left behind, and the burdens we have all known so well and carried so long have passed away.

A new burden has replaced all that: A burden for the lost, that they may be saved. A burden for the saved, that they may be provided for.

This is the sense we have of what is taking place in here at the end of Acts 4. It is the emergence of a brotherhood and sisterhood of believers focused on heaven and concerned for others.

And so, all the old guards of self-preservation are let down. It is no longer ‘me-first,’ but ‘you and yours-first.’ If I have something that can give aid and comfort to those in any kind of need I will do so.

The steps the early church took to help ensure its survival at its very inception may seem radical – but everything about true Christianity always is. Those who truly follow Christ are no longer primarily concerned for themselves. The cross is always before their eyes. The Church at its birth is threatened in incalculable ways, and they would do all they could to help out in any way they could.

It may seem crazy to report they began to sell their possessions and give all the proceeds to be distributed to those who were without. It may seem crazy the degree of passion they expressed in doing so. But an intentional plan of investment in God’s kingdom is never crazy.

It is always wise to invest that which cannot be kept for that which cannot be lost.

-Pastor Bill