Acts 5:12…

Acts 5:12…

There is an intensity to all the Divine activity in the first-days church that rightly should make our jaws drop. It should also make us wonder what happened to that degree of intensity?

Is it God? Is it us?

Here we read of an amazing time of physical and Spiritual healing, “through the hands of the apostles.” ALL were healed. Anyone who came to be healed was healed – of physical infirmities and diseases, and of the torment of unclean spirits, (which is demonic possession.)

We are told they were so expectant of this being the case they brought the sick out into the streets on even the possibility of Peter’s shadow contacting them as he passed by. (In ancient times it was believed the shadow was connected to the person.) We are told that all the inhabitants of the surrounding cities of Jerusalem also brought their sick by the multitudes – and that ALL were healed.

In our day we’re aware of men on “Christian TV” attempting these kinds of so-called ‘healings,’ and hurling their sport jackets at people and such. They claim great healing power and make much money from the ‘appearance’ of this kind of healing ‘power.’ But not a single actual healing has ever been medically-verified at the hands of these charlatans.

Yet, despite this, many are drawn to these displays of ‘power.’ One is left to wonder: if these ‘healing’ practitioners actually have the power they claim, why don’t they go to the hospitals and clear them out? Instead – everything takes place in staged events where their fame can be enhanced. They work the same way magicians work. It is all slight-of-hand. It is all a sham and a terrible embarrassment to the Body of Christ.

In the early-days Church, the healings were real, verifiable, and amazing. If anything, the healings were a by-product of the intensity of their faith, certainly not done for enhancement of fame or for financial gain. No one gained a following from all this but Jesus Christ.

And this may be the point. When Jesus walked the earth, He performed innumerable healings. More than could ever be recorded in all the libraries and books of the earth. That this was happening again – following Jesus’ death, burial, resurrection and ascension – revealed Jesus Himself was indeed still at work in the earth, though not physically present.

-Pastor Bill