Acts 6:1…

Acts 6:1…

A complaint has arisen in the first-days church. In the KJV version of this passage, the word employed is ‘murmuring.’ It doesn’t sound like a good thing. The Greek language rendering of this word is ‘gongysmos,’ which means grumbling, grudging, or murmuring.

This kind of thing is a serious threat, because it is likely to bring dissension and division if not addressed immediately.

When an issue arises in the church, the first question to ask is: What is the motive of those bring the complaint? And the second question to ask is: What is the motive of those who hear the complaint, in responding to it?

In this case, even though the complaint does have divisive potential if not dealt with, the motive behind the concern is a pure one. (Actually, it’s an instructive one.) And so, there is an immediate response, motivated by being made aware of a problem the leaders were previously unaware of.

But what happened to the prompting of the Holy Spirit among the leaders? What happened to their gifting and ability to see things as they had with Ananias and Sapphira – and to be Divinely guided in all things pertaining to the church – especially its welfare?

This story is a reminder the Holy Spirit works severally, and that reports from the body are Spirit-led as well. In fact, it seems some issues will be hidden from the leadership so the body can be prompted themselves in reporting the short-coming to the leadership they were blind to – so all can recognize the importance of their individual calling.

There will always be things the leadership is Divinely aware of, and there will always be things going on about which they have no clue. God is in control. The Body is as important as the Head. Each have incredibly important roles, and neither can do without the other.

We know nothing about the complaint being described here. The Hellenists were Greek-speaking Jews. Somehow, their widows were being neglected in the food distribution, which the leaders were just now made aware of.

This is all a set up for us so WE can learn of the importance and primacy of the teaching of God’s Word and prayer in the leadership of the Church – so ALL may be fed.

-Pastor Bill