Acts 9:10…

Acts 9:10…

Every link in the chain is as important as another. If one link is broken, the whole chain is useless.

Think of each link in the chain of events, (and people,) leading to your salvation. It has been over 2000 years since the time of Jesus. The links in the chain of your salvation go all the way back to Christ.

Had any one of those links not been in place and done their duty before God, the Gospel of Jesus Christ would not have reached you the way it did, and it is possible you would have never heard the Gospel.

No pressure, but have you ever considered how important your duty is to be responsive to God’s prompting to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Have you ever thought of how many people may be reached beyond the one person you have just been led to share the good news with?

I’m certain Ananias had no idea. Here he is minding his own business, and the Lord prompts him in a vision to go to a specific house in Damascus to perform a specific ministry for a particular man named Saul of Tarsus. The problem is Ananias knew about Saul of Tarsus, and would have been afraid of him. He had heard of Saul’s murderous rage at Jerusalem that was now spreading to Damascus. It was good Saul of Tarsus was now blind. He would be easier to kill, and killing is what Saul of Tarsus deserved. Many would desire to kill him while he is in this present condition. It made sense Saul had been blinded by Jesus so this virulent enemy of Jesus could be taken out.

But Jesus had a different plan for Saul. (We know Saul has been already been converted – saved by Jesus along the road – but Ananias does not.) Jesus tells Ananias to go and visit Saul, not to kill him, but to restore his sight.

At this point we must wonder what may have happened had Ananias refused. We don’t know anything about Ananias either before or since, but we do know this: In keeping Jesus’ specific instruction, Ananias became THE critical link in the chain leading back to Jesus. Saul went on to become one of the most important Christians who ever lived, leading to millions if not billions (including me and you) being saved. Thanks to the faithfulness of Ananias to simply do what Jesus told him to do.

-Pastor Bill