Acts 9:32…

Acts 9:32…

The ministry of healing has always been a very tenuous subject in the modern church, because the kinds of experiences shared by Dr. Luke in the Book of Acts seem to be either rarely seen or never seen at all. The question is often asked: Why do we NOT see the kind of healings taking place today we saw in the Book of Acts?

Unfortunately, there are many charlatans in this world who would seek honor and glory and wealth for themselves, so they create ‘healing’ ministries and hold ‘healing’ conferences and services for those in need to attend and be ‘healed.’ When the supposed vacuum of modern ‘healings’ is filled by charlatans, the church sometimes reacts even further, shying away from any hope of modern-day miraculous healing.

What has happened to us in the 2000 years since the time of Christ, and immediately following the time of Christ, when miraculous healings were being performed by the apostle Peter – as in our passage today? Could it be these kinds of healings are still possible, or was that Spiritual gift employed only in the early-days’ church?

(We must remember the kind of healings we see in the Book of Acts were also rare events. The Book of Acts covers about 30 years’ time, and the healings we see are about as infrequent as the miraculous healings we see in this day.) Yes, we do still see miraculous healings!

The Bible tells us Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He never changes. The Spirit of God is not given by measure. Would God pour out His miraculous gift of healing upon the apostle Peter and not on us as well? (Question: What may limit that?)

The Bible relates healing and faith directly. Jesus very often told those He healed it was their faith that healed them. He also often told those He healed not to tell anyone what had happened – and they often violated that trust. (They couldn’t help themselves.)

Faith is not something we summon up in and of ourselves. It is a gift of God. Jesus, the Bible tells us, is the Author and finisher of our faith. The most important thing pertaining to our faith is the One in Whom our faith is placed.

We KNOW God can heal. Therefore, the only question which remains to be seen is: Will He? That was true in the Book of Acts, and it is still true today. Have faith in God.

-Pastor Bill