A Changed Life


Philippians 4:10… 

Philippians 4:10…  Every venture of faith requires resources. Now we come to a main reason Paul writes this letter to this church, and it provides yet another great example to us and for us. Churches which support the work of […]


Philippians 4:1… 

Philippians 4:1…  “Attitude is everything,” the saying goes. Paul concurs. This final chapter of Paul’s letter to the church at Philippi is all about how you choose to think about things. That we have a choice about how we think […]


Philippians 3:1… 

Philippians 3:1…  There is no place for religion when it comes to having a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. This is the turning point in life for born-again Christians. (In reality, there are NO Christians who are not […]


Philippians 2:12… 

Philippians 2:12…  We have discovered our great potential in Christ, should we choose to allow it to be so. The only hindrance, it seems, is our flesh and our own selfish desires to rule ourselves and make our own decisions […]


Philippians 2:1… 

Philippians 2:1…  Here in Philippians Chapter 2, we gain insight into the mind of Christ we see nowhere else in God’s Word. We learn it was His humility which was the source of His greatness, and this is the pattern […]


Philippians 1:1… 

Philippians 1:1…  When Paul had been in the region of Asia on his first missionary journey, he had sought to go deeper into Asia and into the territory of Bithynia but had been prevented by the Holy Spirit from going […]


Ephesians 6:5… 

Ephesians 6:5…  We are seeing exactly how God has indicated His intention to provide for His people in every area of need. The great thing is we are privileged to participate in His divine plan. As husbands, as wives, we […]


Ephesians 6:1…

Ephesians 6:1… Paul is speaking of the presence of the Holy Spirit present in the life of the born-again believer in Jesus Christ. This guidance Paul encourages for each of the specific life conditions listed, beginning with wives and husbands […]


Ephesians 5:22…

Ephesians 5:22… And now we come to God’s design and plan for marriage. It should come as no surprise God has a plan for marriage since He invented it and established marriage. And from the very beginning God set marriage […]


Ephesians 5:1…

Ephesians 5:1… Now we are applying all we have learned in the first three chapters. And chapter 4 is such a powerful instruction about the things we are to do and must not do when it comes to living the […]

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