A Changed Life


John 4:43…

John 4:43… Jesus headed to His home region of Galilee after spending two days with the people of Sychar, in the hated region of Samaria. In an odd turn of phrase, we read Jesus went there (to Galilee,) while testifying, […]


John 4:27…

John 4:27… Fruit will always be the outcome of a personal encounter with Jesus. In dealing with physical appetites, Jesus had discussed ‘thirst’ with the Samaritan woman. He purposely encountered her by Jacob’s well in the region of Samaria. (We […]


John 4:1…

John 4:1…   We know God has demonstrated His great love for the world He created by sending His only begotten Son into it.   In the theological sense – it is therefore without question God loves the world. (The […]


John 3:22…

John 3:22…   To truly understand the purpose of your life is one of the great blessings of being a follower of God.   I wonder how many people understand that blessing?   My sense is most people sort of […]


John 3:1…

John 3:1…   It is very encouraging to know we can talk to Jesus any time we desire to be in fellowship with Him.   In fact, this is what God desires. God loves us so much He would direct […]


John 2:13…

John 2:13…   ‘Malware’ is a term many of us are far too familiar with.   There are unscrupulous operators who will do all they can to infect your computer with useless junk – to no affect other than to […]


John 2:1…

John 2:1…   Of Jesus, John wrote: (if everything Jesus did was written one by one,) “that even the world itself could not contain the books that would be written. Amen.” (John 21:25)   The implication is clear. Jesus performed […]


John 1:35…

John 1:35…   Human nature is to share the good things in life. We love to!   Isn’t that interesting? Without any prompting whatsoever, we all desire to tell others about what we have found to be great, or even […]


John 1:24…

John 1:24…   The fulfillment of a ministry calling is always an amazing thing, especially to the one who has been called by God.   One thing we must remember about John the Baptist is he is performing all God […]


John 1:18…

John 1:18…   Humility is one of the greatest traits exemplified by John the Baptist. It seems he almost spends more time telling us who he is not rather than who he is.   In John 3, he makes the […]

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