A Changed Life


Romans 3:1…

Romans 3:1 In the third chapter of the book of Romans, the Apostle Paul engages in some; forgive the term, “devil’s advocacy”. He takes on the role of a critic and asks the questions that he knows are on people’s […]


Romans 2:1…

Romans 2:1… The gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ has power religion only pretends to have. After so well-expressing the power of the gospel in Chapter 1 of the Book of Romans, and how the righteousness of God is revealed […]


Romans 1:1…

Romans 1:1… In the winter prior to his arrest at Jerusalem, Paul had written this letter to the church at Rome. While Paul had not been directly responsible for the establishment of the church at Rome, he had a great […]


Acts 28:1…

Acts 28:1… Life after the storm suddenly seems so serene and calm by comparison… The sea voyage described in Chapter 27 had been so violent and so life-threatening. All hope of anyone being saved had been lost. It has been […]


Acts 27:1…

Acts 27:1… From the very beginning, nothing in Paul’s ministry life has come easily. Since Paul is our leading example of what it means to be IN ministry service to the Lord Jesus Christ, perhaps we can take this to […]


Acts 25:1…

Acts 25:1… Part of the calling on Paul’s ministry life had been he would testify before kings. (Acts 9:15.) As unlikely as it may have seemed to him at the time, we see this unfolding just as Jesus said it […]


Acts 23:12…

Acts 23:12… Jesus has just told Paul he will be going to Rome, which had been one of Paul’s great desires for his ministry since he was at Ephesus, (Acts 19:21,) and perhaps even before then. Paul had “purposed in […]


Acts 22:25…

Acts 22:25… At some point in their Christian walk, each Christian will be called to stand alone. This is when we discover if our faith is real or not. It’s easy to be part of a crowd. You have the […]


Acts 21:37…

Acts 21:37… “Gentiles!” A funny word, isn’t it? It’s amazing how one little word could change the entire mood of a great mass of people, making them angry enough to kill. The person who hollered out the word knew it, […]


Acts 21:27…

Acts 21:27… The mob at Jerusalem reminds me of current news. If you don’t hold the prevailing opinion, they send a mob to shut you down. Mobs are weak, pathetic things really. (If you’ve ever been part of one you […]

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