A Changed Life


Romans 13:1… 

Romans 13:1…  The reality of The Church is it is not intended to be an enclave isolated from the world physically, politically or socially. The Church is to be placed as prominently in the city square as Jesus was. The […]


Romans 12:9…

Romans 12:9…  What follows are some are the greatest exhortations about human conduct ever known to man. If you have ever doubted the veracity of God’s Word, consider the simplicity and sincerity of the life choices Paul delineates through the […]


Romans 12:3…

Romans 12:3…  Having described what is to be allowed to take place in the life of every believer pertaining to what will be both strength-providing and life-giving in Jesus’ Church, Paul moves on to begin discussing some individual attributes which […]


Romans 12:1…

Romans 12:1…  What we have been learning so far through the Book of Romans has been preparing us for life in The Church, which Jesus purchased with His blood. There are those who cast aspersions on The Church, and rightly […]


Romans 11:1… 

Romans 11:1…  It is interesting to think part of God’s plan for your life is to make those who know you jealous of your personal relationship with Jesus Christ. He desires to provoke those who know you to desire what […]


Romans 10:1…

Romans 10:1…  There is now no difference between Jew and Gentile. The old divisions have been completely broken down. There is an advantage to having a Jewish upbringing if it is applied properly. Unfortunately, what we find most often is […]


Romans 9:1… 

Romans 9:1…  The Jewish believers in the church at Rome have been dealing with a very difficult transition. They have seemingly left the Jewish faith to become followers of Jesus Christ, and they are concerned over their own condition, as […]


Romans 8:18…

Romans 8:18…  If you were on a boat at sea, and there was a storm just over the horizon, would you want to know about the existence of the storm – or just about pretending everything is fine? In speaking […]


Micah 5:1…

Micah 5:1…  When Jesus taught His disciples to pray, the first thing He told them to personally request of their Father – Who is in heaven – was daily bread. This, in effect, becomes the basis for Christian living: daily […]


Psalm 2:1…

Psalm 2:1…  Was Jesus truly the Son of God? A strange doctrine has crept into modern Judaism. We heard it again from our Jewish guide on our recent trip to Israel. This view is that Messiah, (Whom they believe has […]

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