Yarns of Blessing

Yarns of Blessing

Ed Ctr

time 2:00 pm

Every Monday from

October 28, 2019


February 10, 2020

The purpose of the group will be making any kind of needle work project (knitting, crochet, quilting etc) for contribution to any local organization that could benefit from the talents that God has given to each of us. I’ve spoken with Jeannie Gawronski about the group and she expressed the ongoing need for baby blankets, blankets for older children etc, and Shirley Irwin works at Galisano Children’s and agreed to inquire of them how we can help the children there on the oncology floor.

If there are women who would like to become part of this ministry but are unable to attend our weekly gathering they would be encouraged to work on their projects at home.

We would also like to mention that we are very open to donations of yarn and material for our projects. If anyone is interested in joining us they can contact me (Mary Williams) at 704-591-7014 or just show up at our gathering.