Colossians 1:1…

Colossians 1:1…

There is none greater than Christ Jesus and there is nothing that can be added to the gospel of Christ Jesus to improve upon it.

It has been well-said the Book of Ephesians is ‘the Church of Christ,’ and the Book of Colossians is ‘the Christ of The Church.’

As with his letter to the church at Ephesus, the letter to this church is part doctrine and part application based upon the doctrine. In each case, the first two chapters are doctrinal and the final two chapters are applicational.

Paul understood false teachers would come along presenting false conceptions of Who Jesus Christ IS, and they would likewise present additions to the gospel in the form of asceticism and gnosticism which do real harm to the gospel and bring destruction to its simplicity.

Given the Biblical illiteracy in The Church, then as now, these are very important discussions.

We must never shy away from the theology of Christ. Knowing Who He is is both informative and protective.

Many will come along and say Jesus is a god, (denying He IS God,) or that He is merely Spirit without physicality. Many will come along and say we may continue in sin since our physical bodies and our spirits are separate – and therefore what takes place in the flesh has no bearing upon the spirit in us.

All of this is destructive and wrong. It is also pervasive. Paul knew it would be.

So theologically speaking, Paul clears up exactly Who Jesus Christ IS, and exactly who we are in Christ.

Nothing added to this or taken away from it does anything but harm, and must be rejected. (Again, this is for our protection.)

Jesus Christ is Creator God. 

Here in the first chapter of Colossians, we have the clearest description of Jesus Christ The Creator God found in God’s Word. The clarity of this description is undeniable, as is the declaration of Christ’s pre-eminance above all things and in all things. He is before all things, and in Him all things consist. (Hold together.)

You, (born again Christian,) are a child of Creator God. You were once alienated from Creator God Jesus Christ by your sin nature, but now you have been cleansed and given new birth by the blood of the bodily sacrifice of Creator God Jesus Christ. He alone has reconciled us to Himself, and there is nothing we can do to improve upon our born-again reconciled standing in Creator God Christ Jesus.

Pastor Bill