Colossians 1:19…

Colossians 1:19…

When it comes to the things of God, what we find most pleasing to Him is the reconciliation of mankind to Himself.

We serve a relational God. Unlike ALL the other faith systems of the world, our God desires relationship with man. He is not capricious, and He is not deceptive in His intent. He desires to make Himself known to man – and all of creation for the that matter.

He in Himself chooses to remove any obstacles between man and God which may prevent relationship, in this world – and in eternity.

And so it pleases the Father that in Christ ALL the fullness of the Father dwells.

Now, many will come along and say this is impossible – but all things are possible with God, and nothing is too difficult for God.

To invest Himself in the form of man is not beyond the ability of God. We should not be so amazed by this as we are by the fact He would choose to do so – and that the ONLY REASON He would choose to do so is because of His great love for each one of us.

God IS love. His actions are entirely, intimately, infinitely loving.

God taking on human form is the greatest indignity known to the mind of man. It is impossible for the mind of man to fully comprehend the vast distinction between the greatness of God and the lowliness of man – and all God went through to accomplish His incarnation.

To in turn deny this occurred is also the greatest slander against the truth of God’s Word, given the degree of the which He accomplished in human form:

  1. He humiliated Himself in every way possible, beginning with His lowly birth.
  2. He submitted Himself to the will of man, even in His sinless perfection.
  3. He bore unimaginable brutality and suffered an excruciating undignified death falsely accused of blasphemy. (Against God no less.)
  4. He was resurrected bodily – again in human form – and allowed Himself to go unrecognized fully even by those closest to Himself until He was resurrected.

This is the FULLNESS which pleased the Father. The FULLNESS of ALL that was necessary to restore relationship with all mankind. He did this for us. Each and every one of us.

Pastor Bill