Colossians 1:24…

Colossians 1:24…

The problem with most of the world today is there is not hope in that which is genuine and true.

The decline in the understanding of the truth found in Biblical Christianity has corresponded with the hopelessness we see all arounds us.

Even when people speak of “hope” they are not speaking of a hope based upon a knowledge of truth. They are speaking of a “hope” based upon their fanciful imaginings, or upon the fanciful imaginings of someone they have aligned themselves with.

Until the day of Jesus Christ it had always been this way in the world. Whatever “hope” mankind had was – and could only have been – in what they imagined their hope to represent. 

For a some this could have meant looking forward to the Messiah described in God’s Word, since they were charged with managing and maintaining God’s Word.

Why then did they not recognize Messiah when He came – given that their own scripture exactly described when He would come, how He would come, what His ministry would be, and how He would be a suffering servant for the sin mankind?

The reason is because they had allowed their ‘hope’ in truth to be replaced by a hope in fanciful imaginings. And so they were disappointed when their own long-promised Messiah was not the conquering king they hoped for Him to be – despite what scripture clearly foretold. They chose to overlook the parts of scripture that failed to live up the standards of what they desired their hope to represent.

To choose your own invented source of hope rather than truth in God’s Word is rebellion against God. Rebellion against God always leads to hopelessness. Thus the hopelessness we see all around us in the world today – even in major portions of The Church.

The only thing which truly leads to hope is knowledge of truth. Period. Anything less is false hope – which has led to our general misunderstanding of what the word ‘hope’ even means. We think of the word ‘hope’ as meaning: “Oh, I hope so,” rather than its true meaning – which is the reasoned expectation of a logical outcome based upon a clearly understood truth.

For example – when you count on your fingers, what do you hope for two fingers plus two fingers to equal? What will two fingers ALWAYS equal? Of course the obvious answer is: four. And it will always be four. That sum is never dependent upon circumstances. Our ‘hope’ that two plus two will always be equal to four is so foundational for our lives we cannot begin to conceive of a world or a time in which two plus two does not equal four.

This is the “hope” of glory which is Christ in us. When our hope is based upon the truth of Christ in us there is no other reasonable logical outcome than eternal glory in the kingdom of heaven. It is a ‘hope’ grounded in truth – and therefore is certain.

Pastor Bill