Ephesians 1:1… 

Ephesians 1:1

We live our lives according to the many blessings we receive.

In the first case, we have life itself. 

The miracle of you is beyond comprehension or calculation. Due to God”s design of procreation, we understand the odds are inestimable considering the possibility of you being you in light of the millions of sperm cells involved.

Had another sperm cell won the race to the egg, you would not be here. You would have never existed. What a blessing your life is!

Now, think back from the first human being to the moment your life was created, understanding in each case of the millions of sperm cells approaching that egg cell, and further understanding that if that sperm cell in each case out of the millions of sperm cells approaching those egg cells in that moment had not been first to that egg – then you would not be here. You would have never existed.

The fact you ARE here is a blessing of incredible fortune!

Now we understand blessings always come from a source outside of ourselves which we have no control over – but can only align ourselves with.

But we likewise begin to understand we are blessed, have been blessed, and that our future blessings are dependent upon the choices we make with this life we have been blessed with.

Only in departing the material realm do we find the source from Whom all blessings flow. 

Physical blessings ARE a manifestation of the Spiritual, and the mind of Our designer- God Who has been considering how His blessings shall flow to you from eternity past.

But what will His blessings for you be based upon? Will it be how much you do for Him once you come into the knowledge of His existence? Will it be how devoted you appear to be to Him by the investment you make in doing good, or time spent in church, or Bible study, or prayer? Will you earn His blessings by keeping His sacraments?

Is how much we DO the formula for the receipt of God’s blessings?

Paul launches into his letter to the church at Ephesus by completely refuting this notion. 

In providing a complete inventory of Spiritual blessings which are capable of receiving, we note only one caveat. This compendium of blessings is provided to everyone, anyone, and who-so-ever is, “in Christ.” 

The list of Spiritual blessings we see here so far exceeds any material blessings the world has ever known it should blow our minds to know there is nothing we can do to earn them possess them or to keep them except to be IN CHRIST.

And it is SUCH a blessing to know that God Himself desires us to know this.

Pastor Bill