Ephesians 2:1…

Ephesians 2:1…

The reason we say Biblical Christianity is not a religion is because it isn’t.

The fact we have to make this kind of distinction is tragic.

But unfortunately – and tragically – many and perhaps even most people calling themselves Christians think otherwise. Raised in churches all over the world they’ve been taught to be ‘religious’ as a means of ‘following Christ.’ 

This means in truth they aren’t following Christ at all – but a religious standard which has been set according to what men say it means to follow Christ.

This is why it is SO important to know what the Word of God says. And it is doubly important to KNOW the Word of God is truly the inspired, inerrant, holy Word of God – which some major denominations began to deny in the late 1800’s, and most major denominations deny today.

As difficult as it may be for some of us to believe, the great majority of The Church extant in the world today does not believe or teach God’s Word as inspired of God.

It’s the same trap the Jewish people fell into in their ancient history, which also redounds in the Jewish people today. Even after all God had done for them in rescuing them as His chosen people out of Egypt, they eventually turned away – desiring to worship the gods around them they could see rather than the invisible God in heaven Who had rescued them and saved them so visibly on so many occasions. They fell into the ‘harlotry’ of worshiping the gods of the pagans around them rather than enjoying fellowship with God to such an extent it would have an evangelizing effect upon the pagans around them.

The basis for what traps most of humanity is lack of faith – or unbelief – in what God has said and that which cannot be seen. It is a challenge to our flesh to worship our God Who is invisible and cannot be seen by faith which is invisible and cannot be measured.

It seems much more rational to our flesh to worship some kind of image that we can see by doing good works or keeping sacraments which can be measured, Rules and regulations are the means by which the flesh makes itself proud.

But on the cross, Jesus accomplished all the work that can ever be done to please God for our salvation. There is nothing we can do at all. Nothing remains for us but to believe this is so. This is what God’s Word declares from beginning to end, and it is a subversion of the Word of God to teach or believe anything otherwise. 

It is by the grace of God we have been saved. Alone. Period. This is the gift of our God in Christ. Those who choose to place their faith in Christ for salvation enter loving relationship with Him, and gracefully forget all about religion.

Pastor Bill