Ephesians 3:1…

Ephesians 3:1…

One of the great mysteries about Jesus Christ is He has chosen to reveal Himself through the calling and gifting of men to teach others His doctrine.

One of the things we might notice about our Bible is there is not a single word written by Jesus Himself. In fact, we only have one recording of Jesus writing anything, when He stooped and wrote on the ground before the religious leaders who brought Him the woman caught in adultery in John’s Gospel, Chapter 8.

Even then what Jesus wrote is not recorded for us. But it must have been very powerful as those religious leaders melted away having read what He wrote, (apparently against them,) and under the force of what He said.

In Ephesians 3, Paul explains the ministry of the teacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and how devoted he has been to it since his calling into it.

Paul is allowing us insight into the spiritual nature of what he writes to the church at Ephesus and to The Church worldwide. These are not his words and these are not his thoughts. These are the words of God and the thoughts of God.

That this can be taken by faith is proven by the devotion the minster of the gospel, (in this case Paul,) has to the ministry – and by the time-tested truth and Godly nature of the things Paul and taught and now authors.

The very fact Paul is presently speaking only of the glories of God in Christ from a Roman prison as he writes this letter speaks volumes. The fact he informs us what he writes is completely and exclusively according the the revelation of God is meant to allow us to know the doctrine he presents is not his own but God’s. (Jesus had said the same thing.)

Only God’s word carries this authority and authenticity. The fact He has chosen to employ men to record it should not dismay us at all. The question is, can it be demonstrably shown to be the Word of God even though it has been recorded by a man?

Paul sites his qualification not as greatness, but devotion. He calls himself the, “least of all the saints.” And yet, he goes on to speak of his devotion, “all see what is the fellowship of the mystery, which from the beginning of the ages has been hidden in God who created all things through Jesus Christ.”

His devotion to deliver this doctrine has been demonstrated by his endurance for its sake. And all Paul has endured has been for Christ and not for himself. He wasn’t seeking fame, but the salvation of others based upon God’s grace alone. In is lifetime, Paul received not glory but degradation.

We take for granted the existence of The Church. But in the first century AD there was no such thing as a church. Every town, hamlet, and city Paul visited had no church and no Christians, and no one had ever heard of Jesus, or what a Messiah is. And when Paul planted a church it was the only one in that city, in that region, and in that country. None of the Gentiles knew anything about Jesus Christ, or the God of the Bible, or any of the things we think common to the existence of The Church. Until. Paul. Came. In the power of the Spirit of God.

The very fact Paul succeeded in this impossible endeavor he was entrusted with speaks volumes for the authenticity and authority of what he said and what he writes, but even Paul would say to test his words according to the Spirit of God and no man. 

But we can be as thankful as Paul was to God He chose this humble servant to reveal His doctrine by. And now that He has revealed His doctrine, it is up to us to respond.

Pastor Bill