Ephesians 5:22…

Ephesians 5:22…

And now we come to God’s design and plan for marriage.

It should come as no surprise God has a plan for marriage since He invented it and established marriage.

And from the very beginning God set marriage between one man and one woman and the establishment of the family to be the fundamental building block of all human culture and society.

It should, therefore, come as no surprise Satan would seek to undermine and destroy what God alone has established in His design of marriage.

In recent times we have seen our culture begin to crumble, with the edges of society being attacked and undermined. This has been going on since at least the beginning of the 20th century – something roughly equivalent to the walls or the roof of the building being harmfully modified. While this is dangerous to the survival of the building, it pales in comparison to the attack and redefinition of marriage, which is an attack against the very foundation of all God has established for human relationship. 

When the foundation fails the building falls, and this is what we are beginning to see, 

Our free society is now in peril because marriage has been redefined in one generation – under the assumption since man is involved man has the right to determine for himself what marriage is.

For Christians this has been very dismaying, as we have seen governmental restrictions for the civil and legal definition of marriage cast aside even though these restrictions have been set in place by God, and even since they have underpinned society from the inception of society. Christians are sensing to cast away or to redefine marriage in any way is to bring about the destruction of the family unit, which is Satan’s goal.

In a very threatening way, we have very recently listened to the leaders of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement publicly state one of their main goals is to eradicate the nuclear family. While this ‘movement’ has given itself a fairly benign name we can all support in principle – given the fact all lives matter and black lives fit under the umbrella of all lives – the BLM-stated Marxist intent of destroying marriage and the nuclear family should be an anathema to all born-again believers.

But there is a more insidious threat to marriage than what comes from the outside. A greater threat is from the inside of those Christian marriages which fail to live up to God’s plan for married life. Just as those who are not Christians are not free to redefine what marriage is, Christians who are married are not free to define how marriage is. 

Christians especially, are not free to make their own determinations about their individual roles within marriage. Here we see God’s plan. It is a simple plan. So simple a child can understand it. But so challenging it takes a born-again believer filled with God’s Holy Spirit to accomplish it.

Pastor Bill