Ephesians 6:5… 

Ephesians 6:5… 

We are seeing exactly how God has indicated His intention to provide for His people in every area of need. The great thing is we are privileged to participate in His divine plan.

As husbands, as wives, we are given the very great opportunity to participate with Jesus in meeting the needs of those we have been given by God to unconditionally love. Fantastically, we are even given the opportunity to nurture each other in the love of Christ.

This is such great practice for when and if God provides us children through our marriage. Now we have the opportunity and responsibility to be involved in every area of our child’s life as God our Father in heaven has involved Himself in ours – and we learn in new and fresh ways of the unconditional love He has for His children – as we have for ours. It helps us greatly to understand the children God has given us belong to Him, and it is our great blessing to be able to give them back to Him when we have prepared them to stand on their own before their God.

In our independence, God provides for us through hard work, either as employees or as employers. This is yet another relationship God places us in in this world which gives us the opportunity to demonstrate our dependence upon God as we depend upon each other. The employee – employer relationship is a potential model for the love of and for Christ to be walked out in every area of workplace responsibility. To serve as to the Lord, and to oversee as to the Lord. By this relationship God has fulfilled and is fulfilling His promise to provide for His people in this world. All that is required of us is to be faithful to His plan of provision.

And when we ARE faithful, we can expect to be Spiritually attacked by Satan and his demonic realm. Now we have the opportunity to join with God in His divine plan of protection for His children, as wives, as husbands, as mothers, as fathers, as children, as employees, and as employers. Each of these roles are vulnerable to Satanic attack, and it is a huge part of God’s plan we be made aware of the fact not only will Satan attack, but also how he will attack so we may be not only anticipating his attacks but also his methods of attack.

Our main defense against the ruler of this world is sound Biblical doctrine. The WHOLE armor of God is encompassed by the understanding of all God’s Word declares. It is important we recognize the emphasis on the WHOLE armor of God and not just parts of it, because it all fits together neatly and perfectly to provide the Spiritual defense we require in the face of a spiritual enemy engaged in forces of principalities and powers to threaten us with the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh, and the pride of life. With this awareness, we cut every attack to ribbons wielding the Sword of the Spirit, which is God’s Word.

Pastor Bill