Galatians 1:1

Galatians 1:1… 

The Book of Galatians is the only one of Paul’s epistles written to a region of churches he founded rather than to a single church.

As such its doctrine is viewed as broad and universal, as it addresses no specific problem or threats existing in a single church – but instead addresses (in a sense) all churches in every generation, and the kinds of issues which may arise over time – and indeed have arisen already even during Paul’s time.

Before addressing the doctrinal issues which have arisen, Paul cites his authority to speak about the purity and simplicity of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. He speaks of his ordination having come from no man but from Jesus Christ and God the Father. This is a wonderful example for us and a reminder to us this is the way it must be with every church leader – especially those guiding and instructing in the essential doctrines of the church – and especially the gospel.

Strange as it may seem, (given the wonderful design and masterful simplicity of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ,) there are those who would seek to subvert it and change it into something which would lead to utter destruction – for all mankind if it were possible.

We are to defend the gospel of Jesus Christ in its purity at all cost. It is as much the responsibility of the church to make certain this is the case as it is for church leaders.

The first thing we note is the gospel Paul delivered to the churches in Galatia IS the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. (We may also note there is no other gospel.)

This gospel can never be changed or exchanged for anything else, even if Paul himself were to somehow appear again – or even someone appearing as an angel sent from God Himself. Any changes, additions or subtractions to the essential gospel first delivered by Paul from the Lord Jesus Christ to the churches in Galatia must not only be rejected – but regarded as having proceeded from the pit of hell – because they have.

It is fascinating Paul includes himself in the number of those who may someday somehow pervert the gospel. This tells us much about human nature doesn’t it? Paul knows that in the here and now the gospel he presents is perfect and complete, yet he realizes in the frailty of his humanity the possibility exists he could fall. The possibility exists he could fail. He sees himself as a vital target of the enemy and his forces. He recognizes due to the weakness of his flesh even he might turn away or seek to add or subtract something from the original doctrine.

“Even if I say something different in the future than what I have already taught you, regard it as anathema, and let even me be accursed.” The gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ is more important than any man. Even Paul.

Pastor Bill