Galatians 6:1… 

Galatians 6:1

What kind of follower of Christ do you desire to be?

One who follows Him religiously – or one who follows Him as a result of His love?

This is really the fundamental question Paul is answering for the Galatians in his letter to the churches in Galatia, and it is a question they were unaware needed asking.

The truth is you get to choose what kind of Christian you will be. You are free – you have liberty – to make that choice. The moment you feel imposed upon by anyone by any measure, then you know it is not of the Lord because He never imposes His will upon anyone. 

He reveals His love, and allows you to see how vastly different His love is than all other worldly concepts. Then He walks before you. If you follow His voice, it is because you desire truth. If you learn His truth, it makes you free from all worldly entanglements, and you long to simply be one of His sheep. A servant of the Master.

Servants of the Master engage themselves in the Master’s interests because the interests of the Shepherd and the interests of His sheep are co-mingled.

When we see anyone overtaken in any trespass, we have Christ’s compassion for that victim of the enemy’s attempts to destroy them. It is a marvel of the Holy Spirit alive in us that we engage with even strangers to attempt to induce them away from the danger of hellfire. This is most obvious in evangelism, but it also evidences itself in all the things we may find ourselves doing to serve the interests of Christ.

Another marvelous aspect of this new life in Christ is it lacks the desire – and even the ability – to compare itself to others. All comparisons are with Christ Himself, realizing we are nothing apart from Him, and nothing in comparison to Him.

This is the new ‘law’ which has overtaken our lives. It is the law Jesus gave those who questioned Him about the Law, and which was the greatest commandment of all. He said the Law is condensed into two points: 1.) Love God, and 2.) Love people.

Chapter 6 of Paul’s letter to the Galatians is the application of this newly-condensed law of love which the Great Shepherd provided His sheep. Being circumcised for the sake of impressing others so they may mark a notch on their belts by their coercion of you is completely contrary to our gentle Savior’s guidance. The truth of life in the Spirit is it makes you free to have Christ’s compassion for others without judging them in comparison to oneself. This is the freedom of true love, and of love for Truth.

Pastor Bill