Isaiah 49:1…

Isaiah 49:1… 

Long before Christ came, God spoke through the prophets identifying His Son.

He would not have His Son mis-identified. His presence was too important.

The glory of His greatness was spoken of hundreds of times through the mouths and writings of the prophets, specifically designed to produce in the nation of Israel (and Judah) a great anticipation for His presence.

That He would be a great king, and more than a king – a King of Kings. That He would both rescue and redeem His people. That He would heal the sick, making the lame to walk and the blind to see and the deaf to hear.

He would make Israel great. A nation above all the nations of the world.

In this passage, we see a fascinating glimpse of His greatness, spoken from His perspective. (From the inside-out, so to speak.)

We see His awareness of the process by which He would enter the temporal world from eternity.

He knew Israel would be glorified by His mere presence, and He teaches us of God’s awareness and fashioning of the Child in the womb in a way the ancient scientists had no idea of.

And He speaks of the reward He will earn through His absolute faithfulness to both His entry into the world and for His faithfulness to His mission – of which He was absolutely certain.

He knew His glory was far too great to be confined to any singular nation or people. His greatness, which would be represented figuratively as “light,” would shine upon and glorify not only Israel, but the whole world.

In this and other passages we see why the nation of Israel so longed for the coming of ‘their’ Messiah. (The Christ.)

But the question remains – with all His glory foreknown, anticipated, longed for, and intimately and immediately sought for its grandeur, power, and majesty: Why would His entry into the world be in such lowly estate He would struggle for both survival and recognition?

Pastor Bill