Isaiah 9:6…

Isaiah 9:6…

When a child is born, we regard its birth as the ‘beginning’ of its life.

This is because it is our first opportunity to see the baby, and because the baby has now entered the world and begun to breathe its atmosphere.

But we know this is not really the case. The baby has already been ‘alive’ for nine months – since the moment of its conception. (The reality we know to be true has been invisible except for its obvious impact in the life of the mother of the child.)

When birth finally occurs, we know much has taken place prior to birth to bring this about. Life – as we see it – is not spontaneous, but the result of a deliberate plan of development under the Divine arrangement of God.

Since this is the case, we know life is precious to God. All life. Every life. All life is fearfully and wonderfully made by God. A living baby is born bearing the Image of God, and is the most complex organism of all living and created things in the universe.

A human baby is also among the weakest, most dependent of all living things created by God. A baby requires constant care to survive from the moment of its birth, and only becomes independent after years of nurture and training.

Because of its dependence on nurture, God has made sure each baby is especially cute and fascinating to its parents. The bond of love between mother and child and father and child comes closer to the unconditional love God has for man than any other relationship we experience in life on earth.

How fascinating God chose to enter the world in the same way every human – save for Adam and Eve – has entered the world. Of His own choosing, God determined to experience for Himself every facet of human life, from the moment of conception onward, even to death. God chose to make Himself totally dependent on a mother’s love, and the training and discipline of a loving step-father. (Joseph took Jesus as his own son.)

Just as a baby’s birth is not really the beginning of its life, Jesus’ entry into this world was not His beginning. His existence was from eternity past, and every ingredient of His birth had been Divinely arranged by His Father in heaven.

-Pastor Bill