John 10:1…

John 10:1…

You have just been excommunicated from the ‘church.’ (In this case, the Jewish faith.)

What will you do, knowing with excommunication comes exclusion from everything you’ve ever known?

This is the condition of the man Jesus has healed of blindness. He now sees, but what he sees is very ugly. It is a religious system imposing itself with blinding power on a blind world. For one who now sees, this is incredibly troubling…

We talk about the difference between religion and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ all the time. It means everything.

Chapter 10 of the Gospel of John is Jesus explaining what the difference is. Importantly, He is doing so to a man who has just ‘lost his religion.’

It wasn’t of his own volition. The Pharisees could not stand for a man who could see right through them, so they had to remove him from their presence lest they be exposed. The problem they had with Jesus they now had with anyone who could ‘see’ as Jesus ‘saw.’ They must be gotten rid of.

Jesus is the comforter. He comforts all those who come to Him, and all those who follow Him. He knows exactly what His followers need to hear, when they need to hear it, and how they need to hear it.

In comforting His newest ‘seeing’ disciple He also comforts us with the knowledge of what we may expect from our own personal relationship with Christ.

In a sense, we have also ‘lost our religion.’ But who needs it?

We are all sheep in need of a shepherd. The reason life has been such a struggle to this point is because all the shepherds the world offers are not shepherds at all. (This is particularly true of the religious ones.) With the sight we have now from Jesus, we can ‘see’ that all these so-called ‘shepherds’ have been rip-off artists bent on our destruction rather than our salvation. Jesus alone protects His followers, and is the only True Shepherd. Relationship with Christ is everything – and all else is nothing.

-Pastor Bill