John 10:22…

John 10:22…

The question is often asked, “Upon what do you base your belief?” (Your faith.)

Jesus reminds us it is just as logical to ask: “What is the basis of your unbelief?”

It seems those who oppose Jesus think they hold all the cards. In fact, their arguments are weak and ineffective. Easily refuted.

But the blind have a difficult time imagining their blindness. It is too personal to them. They do not see because they do not want to. In their view, to ‘see’ would bring their end.

The reasons for unbelief are always self-protective. But there is no refuting truth. Water is wet. What goes up always comes down. Fire is hot. 2 plus 2 equals 4.

If I choose to argue against what is plainly true, there must be some underlying motive which has me in mind. (As is the case with the Pharisees.) The problem with arguing against truth is that it always brings harm to the person who makes the argument. You can argue against gravity all you want, but it will not change gravity. If at some point you choose to demonstrate your unbelief in gravity, you will die from the effects of it. Your unbelief in gravity is disproven by reality.

The Pharisees argue against faith in Christ based upon their standing in the world.

Their arguments are illogical in the face of evidence, and will result in their eternal harm. They will fall unless they repent. For those who think they need no repentance, this is quite a shock. How can they possibly repent before a world likewise believing they are above it? This would be a shameful thing for them, especially in public.

It is intended to be so. If you can believe in Christ without being shamed, you have invented the ‘Christ’ you believe in. The only man who believes in Jesus is the broken man. The man who intends to remain standing will fall.

The Pharisees, in arguing against the Divine works plainly evident in their midst act as if they hold all the cards. The great problem is bravado does not alter truth. In view of all Jesus demonstrates, unbelief is the refuge of the fool who wishes to remain so, and the fool who will fall.

-Pastor Bill