John 11:1…

John 11:1…

Jesus said Lazarus’ sickness was, “not unto death.” Then Lazarus died.

Lazarus was a close friend of Jesus. This was personal. Jesus was also close friends with Martha and Mary, Lazarus’ sisters. He would never do anything to hurt them.

But at the intersection of human emotion and the glory of God so great the Son of God is glorified by it human emotion takes a back seat.

Some things are so great they are worth waiting for, especially if waiting is required to make the greatness appear.

None of this had to happen the way it did, save for God’s glory in Christ being on display for all to see.

Jesus didn’t have to wait two full days upon hearing the news the one whom he loved was sick. But He did.

Jesus didn’t have to go into Judea to heal Lazarus, but He did.

Jesus didn’t have to allow all to see and hear Him praying to His Father Who is in heaven, but He did.

Jesus didn’t have to command them to take away the stone from the tomb, but He did.

Jesus didn’t have to loudly command Lazarus to come forth for him to rise, but He did.

This is the last of the seven miracles recorded for us in the Gospel of John. In each of the miracles we see the power and glory of God on display in Christ, but none to this extent. (At least in terms of human understanding.)

What we do understand is Jesus is intent upon us seeing ‘why’ He does what He does. ‘How’ He does what He does reveals ‘why’ He is doing what He does the way He does.

No one can do what Jesus can. It is that simple. Now do you see why Jesus waited?

-Pastor Bill