John 11:45…

John 11:45…


We live in a very expedient society. We want everything now, and if it isn’t expedient to our cause or our immediate felt need we’ll have nothing to do with it.

How many times have we said, “I can’t wait for (whatever it is) to happen!”?

The answer to that question is: ALL the time. The reason is because we don’t like to wait for anything.

WHAT IF the ruling council of the Jews had TAKEN THE TIME to actually get to know Jesus and His doctrine? WHAT IF the ruling council of the Jews had actually TAKEN THE TIME to investigate His claim to deity and how it is belief in Christ saves?

And the same thing is true today.

It takes TIME – and sometimes lots of time – to properly investigate the claims of Christ. It takes TIME to study God’s Word to understand why you believe what you believe. It takes TIME to come up with your own non-parroted position of why it is or why it isn’t you believe in Jesus Christ.

In your own heart, is Jesus the Christ? What does it mean that Jesus is the Christ? How is it that Jesus Christ is the Author of salvation? How is it that Jesus Christ is the Author and Finisher of our faith?

I remember when I first got saved, (which really was an EXPEDIENT decision for me,) I realized I really didn’t know anything about how it happened.

The problem was I wanted to know everything right away. In time, I realized it just takes time. It may not come easy, and it probably won’t come fast. But believe it or not, making that life investment became – get this – expedient for me in a way nothing ever has.

The Pharisees thought it ‘expedient’ that rather than testing the claims of Christ they should kill Him. Today people find it expedient to simply look the other way.

-Pastor Bill