John 12:20…

John 12:20…


Think about the word, and everything it means. Resurrection is clearly impossible, and it would take a miracle for any resurrection from the dead to be considered among even the remotest of possibilities.

The realm of the miraculous is designed to make the flesh stumble. The realm of the miraculous is designed to make the flesh humble.

After all, we have all the information great scientific minds can provide us to demonstrate there is NO SUCH THING as a miracle. For the scientific mind, since the concept of the miracle cannot be scientifically proven, then the miracle – any miracle – cannot possibly exist.

The flesh is built up by such thinking. And the more men THINK about it, the more remote the possibility of a resurrection – any resurrection – seems to be.

But have you ever considered a common seed? A single grain of wheat among billions? Jesus asks for such consideration.

What is within the capacity of the seed, any seed? Has science passed over one of the greatest evidences of bodily resurrection so plainly seen?

I’ve used the illustration of the seed many times in my ministry life because Jesus employed it. Paul employed it. Take a seed and place it on a table top. Come back in one year, or ten years and it will still be there, exactly as it is. Unchanged. A seed, for all intents and purposes, is dead. But bury that seed in the ground with essential nutrients and that seed will spring to life, and produce hundreds more seeds of the same kind through the life of the plant produced by the seed.

Each and every blade of grass is a resurrection. Each plant, every tree. In fact, every living thing begins with a seed containing all the ingredients of new life within. Is the commonplace therefore less than a miracle – or is God saying something so loudly and profoundly even the greatest of scientific minds cannot miss it unless they make themselves deliberately blind?

-Pastor Bill