John 12:37…

John 12:37…

Jesus has performed innumerable signs demonstrating He is indeed the Messiah. In

Addition to this, ALL of God’s Word points to Jesus.

Jesus not only IS the Christ, no one else could be should you choose to think He is not.

It would be impossible for anyone to fulfill scripture in the way Jesus has. You see, the scripture describes not only the works Christ would do during His appearing – but also the place of His birth, and the timing of His appearing. No one else can possibly fulfill ALL that is spoken of Christ in the prophetic record.

It is the reason the prophetic record exists! God wanted it to be so plain, so clear Who Messiah was upon His arrival that NO ONE acquainted with God’s Word could possibly miss seeing Him for Who He was. And yet they did. How can this be explained?

Here is the One Who raised Lazarus from the dead. Could this be Him? Here is the One Who healed blind Bartimaeus. Could this be Him? The One Who raised the son of the widow of Nain, or the daughter of Jairus? The One Who made the blind see, the deaf hear, and the lame walk? Could this be Him? Who else could this be?

To miss Christ demonstrates the problem of not believing ALL of God’s scripture more than it demonstrates not believing in the Man, Jesus. All could see what He was doing for themselves. Few it seems, could or would choose to believe this Great One in their midst could possibly be destined to suffer. Their reading of portions of scripture rather than ALL of scripture had revealed to them Christ would rule and reign and live forever, and that He would never die.

Here John, looking back on these events pertaining to the last week of Jesus’ life, reminds the reader all of this had been profoundly spoken of by the prophet Isaiah. Yes, Isaiah had said Messiah would be a conquering King when He would come. But let the reader also be reminded Isaiah indeed said Messiah would suffer and die for sin exactly as He did. You can’t skip over portions of scripture which do not appear to fit how you desire to understand it. God has a plan that is greater than you can understand unless you are willing to believe ALL He says.

From 700 years prior to the coming of Christ, Isaiah pleadingly asks, “Lord who has believed our report?” John here reminds us of Isaiah’s pleading for us to simply believe what God’s Word says.

-Pastor Bill