John 12:44…

John 12:44…

When you saw Messiah, what had you expected to see?

We can suppose the Jews in Jesus’ time had no clear understanding of the Triune nature of the Godhead, in part because the Triune nature of the Godhead had not been fully revealed – at least as far as their understanding was concerned.

(I think this is a reasonable supposition because the Jews to this day do not seem to have a clear understanding of the Triune nature of the Godhead.

Of course, we can point to many Old Testament scriptures which allude to and even reveal the Triune nature of the Godhead, (Gen 1:1, Deut 6:4, Isaiah 44:6, as prime examples,) but still and all the Rabbis and Jewish theologians to this day have descriptions of those verses which speak of the priority of God rather than His Triune nature.

One of our principle understandings of Messiah is His eternal pre-existence. To the Jews then and now, this did not seem to be either revealed in scripture or important.

All we’re speaking of here is the result of a ‘judicial blindness’ among the Jews which John speaks of in the prior verses. This had been clearly described by Paul in Romans 11, (which was written prior to John writing his Gospel.)

Importantly, through the apostle John, the Holy Spirit speaks a word of truth that resonates across the centuries and into our hearts today. The Messiah – as John establishes FROM Jewish scripture – is, was, eternally pre-existent.

Even more incredible is the fact – also established from scripture – that Messiah from time to time appeared to men in pre-existent form PRIOR to coming to earth as a man. John tells us it was Jesus Isaiah saw seated on the throne in Isaiah 6!

The problem is this was not what the Jews expected. Then and now they expected Messiah to be merely a great man. But Messiah was not merely a man, He was God in flesh. (Wait. Had not Isaiah 7:14 said this?)

Jesus says, “He who sees Me sees Him who sent me.” Wow. Astounding. God is here. This is what God looks like, acts like, speaks like – loves like. The Triune nature of the Godhead is fully revealed for all those willing to see!

-Pastor Bill