John 13:18…

John 13:18…

Not everyone has loved Jesus. Not everyone does love Jesus. Not everyone will love Jesus.

Imagine if everyone did? What kind of world would this be?

When I first got saved, (and since then, really – and quite often,) I have imagined exactly that. How different the world would be if everyone loved Jesus?

Can you imagine that?

The fact not everyone has, does, or will love Jesus can be troubling because of the trouble it causes. It causes trouble to the world, with wars, rumors of wars, destruction, devastation, and economic deprivation. It causes trouble to the church for all the opposition it faces in the face of merely attempting to do the most good for the most people it can, and it causes personal trouble for families and friendships and relationships with the destruction of drug and alcohol abuse, crimes of passion, crimes of infidelity and depravity and so on and so on…

How simply wonderful it would be – or at the very least how much BETTER it would be –  if everyone loved Jesus. But not everyone does.

Now imagine how troubling this would be in Jesus’ very midst? For we find that even among those who followed Jesus during His ministry life – the very ones Jesus called – not everyone loved Jesus. One of those initial twelve of the closest followers of Jesus would betray Him and did. (It is one thing to think of betraying Jesus in your mind, it is quite another to follow through with it and cement your place in eternity as being of the spirit and type of anti-Christ.) Judas Iscariot did that.

For the other disciples, this must have been mind-boggling. For one thing, it was not obvious. We think of Judas being easy to spot as the betrayer of Christ because to us he is. The Bible makes his betrayal plain to us. But to those closest to Jesus they never saw it coming. When Jesus brought up the fact one was going to betray Him on this last night of His life – the disciples wondered among themselves who He was speaking of? They had no clue. And then I think, wait? What? Could even I be capable of betraying Jesus?

-Pastor Bill