John 1:35…

John 1:35…


Human nature is to share the good things in life. We love to!


Isn’t that interesting? Without any prompting whatsoever, we all desire to tell others about what we have found to be great, or even good.


A new restaurant, a book, a beach, a church, even a city to visit, basically anything we find that has an appeal to us – we readily share that information with our friends and loved ones – and even strangers if the opportunity presents itself.


What is it about human nature that makes us automatically share what is good and also help guide others away from what is not so good?


This is what is happening in overwhelming numbers in and around the ministry of John the Baptist. Matthew’s Gospel tells us, “all Judea, and all the region around the Jordan went out to him.” This was a great demonstration of the word-of-mouth spread of a ministry growing like wildfire, because there was a wildfire of human interest in sharing something new and something great.


Nothing could stop its spread, not even religious leaders bent on doing just that. No amount of theological weight could stem the tide of desire in needed repentance. The people inherently knew this was right, and it was good, and they were determined to make sure their friends and family heard about what was going on.


It was human nature that brought this about. No one was commanded to share. They were driven to by a desire to share what was good. What was new.


Now, along comes Jesus, and this same flame of passion continues on. It just burns in a new ‘Man.’ John could only testify of The Christ. This One upon Whom the Holy Spirit alighted in the bodily form of a dove was the long-promised Messiah. This was good news!


“Behold the Lamb of God!” John said to his disciples. This was John sharing his need to follow Jesus. This was John sharing their need to follow Jesus. This was John acknowledging his ministry once rising so high was now to ebb away. All eyes were now to be focused on Jesus from here to eternity.


-Pastor Bill