John 14:12…

John 14:12…

Jesus is describing to His apostles what will happen to each of them when the Holy Spirit of God is made alive in them – as is about to happen once He has died on the cross and been raised from the dead to pay the price for their sins.

What Jesus says is remarkable in that it will completely separate Jesus’ followers from all those who have ever lived before.

As fantastic as this sounds, it will bring Jesus’ followers into fellowship with God the Father in the same way Jesus was in fellowship with God the Father.

Note to those reading this, or hearing Jesus’ voice, these are promises:

Those indwelt by the Spirit of God will not only accomplish the works of Christ, they will do greater works than Jesus did. Given the miraculous nature and number of the works of Christ, this seems incredible. But it is true. Millions of followers of Jesus indwelt by the Spirit of God can and will accomplish MORE than Jesus could, because Jesus could only be in one place at one time.

For those indwelt by the Spirit of God, whatever you ask of the Father in Jesus’ name shall be accomplished by Jesus that the Father may be glorified by the Son. Again, this seems incredible – but when we think of the scope of how Jesus defines this as being the request of the Spirit of God in the believer to God the Father in the Name of the Son, it makes perfect sense. The Spirit of God will only request that which is in the will of God, and God’s will is accomplished in His Son. Whatever is asked in the Name of Jesus shall be accomplished. Jesus will do it to demonstrate God’s glory.

And Jesus describes how this indwelling process will take place: The same Holy Spirit who has always been alongside you, convicting you and instructing you, will be in you once you have placed your faith in the risen Christ, crucified for your sin.

And even though Jesus left earth once resurrected, He promised we will never be left alone. We will never be orphans in our faith. We will be with Christ no matter where we are. It may have appeared Christ walked through this earth alone – but He never was alone. The Father was always with Him, because the Father was always in Him. And now the promise of Jesus is He will likewise always be in us.

-Pastor Bill