John 14:19…

John 14:19…

Jesus is defining what it means to be indwelt, and it is blowing His apostles’ minds.

Remember, prior to this night, there had never been anyone other than Jesus indwelt by the Holy Spirit in the way Jesus is speaking of being indwelt, so it is not as if there is some other life experience they can point to helping them understand what Jesus is talking about.

If Jesus is going away without them, how can it be possible for Him to continue revealing Himself to them – and how can it be possible for Him to continue revealing Himself to them without anyone else seeing? This doesn’t make logical sense.

But it does make Spiritual sense.

You see, what Jesus is defining is when the Holy Spirit comes it will be completely private between the person and the Person of the Holy Spirit. No one else will know. Not for certain. Only the one in whom the Holy Spirit has been made alive will know for sure. To everyone else it will be invisible.

Now, certainly there will be external evidence. No one knows where the wind comes from or where it blows or why it blows. But we all acknowledge the existence of the wind and we see the effect of it. Jesus had told Nicodemus it would like this with the Spirit of God.

Jesus said, “If you love me keep My commandments.” He also said, “He who has My commandments and keeps them, it is he who loves me.” Immediately our feeble brains think: “If I’m gonna show Jesus I love Him I better start keeping His rules. Then maybe He’ll love me.” But this isn’t what Jesus is talking about.

We could more properly say being filled with His Holy Spirit, and being ruled by His Holy Spirit (another Helper exactly like Jesus,) we will love everything Jesus loves exactly the way Jesus loves.

And Jesus promises by this allowance His Spirit will teach us everything we need to know. All things, in fact. Again, this will take place from the inside, where it is invisible to anyone other than ourselves. This is the nature of having a personal relationship with God.

-Pastor Bill