John 14:28…

John 14:28…

The point of prophecy is that we may believe.

Jesus says so.

This makes prophecy among the most important text contained in God’s Word.

Indeed, as we often say, the Bible is comprised of approximately 40% prophetic content. God has placed a heavy emphasis upon it in His Word.

Why then do we turn away?

Lately, (in some circles in the modern church,) there has been a de-emphasis on prophecy, with the assertion it is not relevant to modern life. Young people will not understand it. People will not sit still for it. It isn’t hip enough or cool enough.

“Prophecy,” they might say, “is for old people and theologians.”

According to Jesus, nothing could be further from the truth. I believe He might say we must never avoid the study and discussion of prophecy, because it is by prophecy we may believe, and in time we discover it is by prophecy we MUST believe.

The very reason the Word of God contains prophecy in the first place is that we recognize Jesus for Who He is. We shy away from the teaching of prophecy to our peril.

Yet we often think of prophecy as very old or very far in the future in its content. It often seems quite mystical and open to varying interpretations. Difficult to relate to in our daily lives. And I suppose this becomes the reason it seems prophecy is being de-emphasized. Too foggy. Too lacking in specificity of meaning.

But in this case, we see something very different. So different in fact it may escape our notice what Jesus says here IS prophecy. He speaks before what happens on THE NEXT DAY, that we may believe when we see it happen exactly as He said it would happen. On the next day. Does it qualify as ‘prophecy’ when Jesus says what happens on your literal tomorrow? You better believe it!

-Pastor Bill