John 1:6…

John 1:6…

“Let me introduce you to my good friend…”

That’s probably something you have heard yourself say from time to time. When you have a good friend, you’d like your other friends to know about this one. Sometimes, you’d even like to introduce your new friend to strangers.

It all has to do with the perceived benefit of others getting to know the friend you’ve made, and the benefits you’ve gained by knowing your new friend. In other words, you’d enjoy sharing this new friendship with others, because you know it will be a blessing to them as well.

Now imagine being called by God to introduce His Son to a lost world.

John’s life was created specifically for this purpose. Remember how in Luke’s Gospel we were informed John’s parents had been barren up to and until the time an angel of the Lord spoke to John’s father about John’s conception and birth – and that John would be brought into the world to be the forerunner of Jesus, the Christ?

Now thirty years later, all this has come to fruition. John has been born and walked with God all the days of his life. Jesus has been born and met with John at the River Jordan.

All has taken place exactly according to God’s design.

If you had only known all of this had gone into Jesus’ entry into the world, perhaps you would have a better grasp on the supernatural relationship God is desiring with you.

All of this is staggeringly amazing.

John the Gospel writer calls this information, “light.” He also refers to Jesus as, “the Light,” because Jesus is the source of the ‘light’ of illumination we perceive as coming from John the Baptist.

Unfortunately, John (the Gospel writer) also informs us for the most part the world was not ready for such a ‘Light’ as the one John the Baptist was created to introduce the world to. (In your ministry life, you may experience the same mixed results as John.)

But always remember, darkness does not perceive light – it is driven out by it.


-Pastor Bill