John 16:16…

John 16:16…

There is always great sadness before a resurrection. Any resurrection.

That’s because resurrection requires death as part of the process. And death is the great enemy to us all.

Death causes the greatest depth of emotion we ever experience. We hate death with a passion, because it robs us of what we hold most dear: life.

Depth of grief is more than equal to physical pain. In fact, most of us would rather go through any degree of physical pain rather than experience the grief of death. And many people do. They hold on and hold on and fight and struggle mightily against death. Yet the Bible teaches us even the strongest man has no power over death when it comes.

Death therefore, is the worst, most painful experience known to man. How terrible it is the human condition is to live with the anticipation of death to come. We all live with the thought of the death of our loved ones, our friends, and ourselves in our future. It is inevitable and unavoidable, even as we try to deny it emotionally.

Birth, on the other hand produces the greatest joy known to man. It is the blessed experience of life springing forth where there was none. There is celebration and dancing and singing, announcements aplenty, and great proclamation of happiness in the anticipation of all this new life is to bring. Amazing. Wonderful!

How interesting Jesus compares the emotional swing His disciples are about to experience in this very day to childbirth.

The reason is the pain a woman experiences in childbirth is the worst physical pain known to man. (It is part of the curse of the fall of man.) While in the throes of childbirth, a woman is experiencing the worst pain she will ever know in her life.

But then an amazing thing happens. Just when it appears pain has won the day, and despair is at its worst, and anguish could be no greater, a baby’s cry is heard. And all is forgotten of pain and sorrow and joy and hope rushes in.

-Pastor Bill