John 18:1…

John 18:1…

Have you ever thought about attempting to arrest God? What kind of power would be required?

Police forces normally employ overwhelming force to capture their target, especially when they appreciate the power of the individual they are about to attempt to capture.

The idea of man attempting to capture and imprison God is crazy when you think about it. Why would mankind desire to do that?

But on this night the idea HAS occurred to mankind. And the attempt is about to be made…

With Judas Iscariot at their head, the Temple military force has been sent to arrest God. The detachment of troops would have been between 500 and 600 soldiers, carrying swords and clubs. Surely this would have been considered overwhelming force. Overkill really, considering they have been sent to arrest one man – supported only by a group of eleven mostly young men – none of whom were experienced fighters.

And thanks to Judas, the Temple defense force knew where Jesus was, and they knew how many Jesus had with Him.

The fact the Pharisees and rulers of the Temple sent so many to arrest Jesus tells us something, doesn’t it? In fact, it speaks volumes. It tells us they knew more about this man than they chose to let on.

But this is the human condition in rebellion to God, isn’t it? People attempt to arrest God all the time, and with what they consider to be overwhelming force. They bring the media, the education system, the intellectual elite, the scientists, the political opinion polls, even the Supreme Court and eventually the police –  all in an attempt to arrest God in the flesh. And that’s only in this country. (Think of the totalitarian regimes of the 20th century which sought to arrest God. None have ever been succeeded, and none ever will.)

The only way Jesus can be arrested is if He allows Himself to be. Strangely enough, He does. Unknown to man, this is exactly why He came.

-Pastor Bill