John 2:13…

John 2:13…


‘Malware’ is a term many of us are far too familiar with.


There are unscrupulous operators who will do all they can to infect your computer with useless junk – to no affect other than to enjoy the knowledge they have caused you pain and difficulty.


I have always thought of computer viruses and malware as being satanic in nature since they reveal the sinful nature of man – taking what can be a good thing – such as the internet – and polluting it with poison designed to harm the innocent. They then embed the poison of these malicious programs and applications in ways they cannot be removed easily even when found.


If I had it within my power I would do all I could to not only remove malware and viruses, but to get rid of the perpetrators completely. (Unfortunately, I don’t have that kind of power, so I am dependent upon someone who does.)


I think of this in regard to what has been taking place at the Temple at Jerusalem. It has been completely polluted from its Divine mission by those seeking to profit.


And to what end? Can God be employed as a means of profit?


If you were the enemy what would you do? It would certainly seem an easy plan to launch in the mind of sinful man to realize this religious arena would be a good one to employ for profit, wouldn’t it?


You’ve got a ready stream of people approaching God out of the goodness of their hearts – seeking to repent of their faults and bringing the visible demonstrations of the attitude of their hearts the Law requires. But for convenience sake, wouldn’t it be nice to provide animals for sale so these repentant pilgrims would not have to transport their sacrifice all the way up to Jerusalem? And since the Temple had its own currency to avoid idolatry, wouldn’t it be a good idea to provide a ready means to exchange Roman coin for Temple money for offering?


This was the void the enemy rushed into to pervert God’s design for His Temple, and Jesus would not allow it to stand, and only He had the power to do something about it.


-Pastor Bill