John 3:1…

John 3:1…


It is very encouraging to know we can talk to Jesus any time we desire to be in fellowship with Him.


In fact, this is what God desires. God loves us so much He would direct our lives if we would only allow Him to do so.


Think of all the advantages. We don’t know the future; God does. We don’t know what others are thinking or feeling; God does. We don’t know what is in our best eternal interest; God does. On and on it goes…God knows what is best for us, and He loves us so well He would direct us always to what is best, what is greatest, what would conform us into the image of perfection that is Jesus Christ.


Remember, He is always available. And as long as we are sincere about seeking Him and not engaged in an unrepentant, wicked lifestyle, and are willing and desiring to hear from Him, He will always answer.


Sometimes His answer may be confounding to us. It may challenge us. But always remember, God has all the information and we don’t. His answer will always be what is best for us presently for our eternal condition. (Our eternal condition is His chief concern.)


Nicodemus’ visit with Jesus is a vibrant illustration of all of this. In the best-known passage of the Bible for all time, we are provided the simple history of a pious religious leader who has the gumption to actually personally visit Jesus. While we’ll never (in this life) know Nicodemus’ true motivation for visiting Jesus, we do know this places Nicodemus in the category of a ‘seeker.’ His motive in seeking Jesus may not have been pure, but he sought Him none-the-less.


His question of Jesus was one of authority – which is what religious leaders are often wont to ask in the midst of true revival.  “How is it that you do these things?”


But Jesus knew Nicodemus’ greatest need. This was not a question of ‘how’ it was a question of ‘Who.’ Jesus WAS the answer Nicodemus was seeking and even if he didn’t have any idea about that, Jesus fully informed him. “Nicodemus, you must be born again!”


-Pastor Bill