John 4:1…

John 4:1…


We know God has demonstrated His great love for the world He created by sending His only begotten Son into it.


In the theological sense – it is therefore without question God loves the world. (The whole world.)


But how can I know God loves me?


After all, if you are like me, (and I know you are,) you know yourself to be wickedly sinful. How could it be God – Who is absolutely holy and righteous – could possibly love me – when I am completely un-holy and unrighteous?


Down through the ages this thinking has produced a lot of doubt and fear when it comes to the eternal condition of man.


So then it follows I must do something about my un-holiness and my unrighteousness in order to draw God’s attention, and to have Him think well of me. (Presuming you desire to have God think well of you, as deep-down probably all do.)


Therefore, we have a doctrine of performance for those who choose to work themselves into right standing with God.


Some, however, never get that far. They see the doctrine of performance, recognize their inability to keep it, and fall completely away into a debauched lifestyle. And why not? Even the people who are making their best attempt to maintain the doctrine of performance are not really doing so. (Even they know they aren’t, and everybody else knows it as well.)


Given this reality, how can it be God loves anyone?


John 4 answers the question whether God loves me or not, as well as all the others posed here.


Jesus goes out of His way to meet a woman engaged in a completely sinful lifestyle, and He saves her by His love. (Into eternal life. Out of wicked earthly life.) What a Savior!


-Pastor Bill