John 4:27…

John 4:27…

Fruit will always be the outcome of a personal encounter with Jesus.

In dealing with physical appetites, Jesus had discussed ‘thirst’ with the Samaritan woman. He purposely encountered her by Jacob’s well in the region of Samaria. (We remember the Bible tells us Jesus, “needed to go through Samaria.”)

Among our physical appetites, thirst is the most powerful since we will die of dehydration within a relatively short period of time without water.

There was this beautiful discussion about how anyone who thirsts will always thirst again – both physically AND spiritually – when they drink from the traditional wells of this world, even the historic ones. There is nothing in this world which can satisfy thirst but for a moment.

Only drinking of the Living Water of Christ can satisfy our eternal need, which is our greatest need, and the need we have the greatest thirst for.

But what about food? Obviously feeding ourselves materially of the nutrients we require to fuel our body is also of utmost importance. Without food, as without water, we die. It takes longer, but the result is the same.

This is the concern the disciples have for Jesus when they come back to Him after going down to the village below to buy something to eat. They say to Him of this concern, “Rabbi, eat.” (Would the students would teach their Teacher?)

Jesus’ response is both telling and mysterious, as had been His discussion with the Samaritan woman about thirst, “I have food to eat of which you do not know.”

“Do you see any evidence of food around here?” they asked themselves. Certainly nothing physical. What does this mean?

In setting aside our own physical needs and soulish desires to deliver the Gospel of Jesus Christ we are ‘fed’ by accomplishing the eternal will of God. This is what produces fruit in this world.

-Pastor Bill