John 6:1…

John 6:1…

“Miracle of miracles!”

John 6 tells us (once again,) of the only miracle contained in all four of the Gospels.

God places a particular emphasis on the telling of this miracle, above all others. Whenever God speaks, we need to listen – and whenever God speaks twice we need to listen even closer – but when God speaks four times on the same subject?

What is it about this particular miracle we require hearing about it four times over? What is it about us that requires God to emphasize this one teaching so strongly?

It all goes back to belief, doesn’t it? We are to believe in God in Christ by faith and not by sight. Here we have all of those ingredients coming together in one setting.

But does God care about you? Do you believe He does?

Well, He cares enough to send His only begotten Son into the world to save you from your sin. But what about the daily concerns of life? Ah, now we see God doing what only He can do – of His concern for you.

Can God feed you? Can God care for you? Does God’s interest extend to every area of your life?

What do you believe about that? Can you believe in God? Why should you believe in God? What has God ever done for you?

The answer to all these questions is: Everything.

IF God cares about you, and IF God has creation power, then we can be content placing all our trust in God in Christ. (Well content.)

But it is hard for us to believe God cares and God can, isn’t it? And so over and over again – four times over again – God makes sure we hear the story – THIS story – that we may be without excuse when it comes to understanding God’s ability and His concern for us.

Let us listen and hear of this miracle one more time and over again. We need it.

-Pastor Bill