John 6:41…

John 6:41…

What do you think about Jesus?

Does it matter?

People judge Jesus all the time – and to what affect? Does what people think about Jesus change Who He is?

The crowd in Jesus’ presence in John 6 is without excuse. They’ve seen Him close up. He’s taught them. He’s fed them. They’ve experienced His miracle-working power.

With all this, they find themselves offended by something He has said. This becomes the basis of their judgment.

At some point in your walk with Christ, you will come across a point of doctrine which calls for you to change the way you think about things. In spite of all you have seen and experienced in Christ, and with Christ, ultimately He will challenge the way you think about things. (Ultimately He will challenge the way you think about everything, but it will begin with one thing.)

When that happens, will you turn away?

Jesus challenged them on the point of Who He is. They wanted a miracle-working king, and He offered them Himself; The Bread of Life come down from heaven.

This was a problem for their thinking because they just happened to know He was Jesus, the son of Joseph, from nearby Nazareth. “How can you call yourself the Son of God when we know your mother and father?”

Forgetting for the moment He had just fed them with REAL bread and REAL fish, how is it Jesus could be the bread of life come from heaven?

The answer to that question MIGHT be: Well, where did the bread and fish come from? They were in the world. They existed in the material realm. You ate it. You were filled. Was it real? Where did it come from?

When you can answer that question you will have the answer to Who Jesus Is.

-Pastor Bill