John 7:1…

John 7:1…

One of the last things you may have thought about Jesus is His own family did not believe in Him.

In John 7 we learn His own brothers not only did not believe in Him, they sort of sarcastically taunted Him.

As if to say, “If you are truly Who You say You are, then You should let everyone see Your works so they can believe in You too!” (The implication is because You do things in secret, You must not be Who You say You are.) “Prove it – and then we’ll believe in You.” These statements by His brothers are literally dripping with unbelief.

How could this be? Should we not believe in Jesus since His own brothers didn’t?

But then we remember, we have to admire the Word of God for its honesty. There is no way this little passage of scripture would have been included in a legendary account of some great hero written from man’s imagination.

The fact Jesus’ own brothers didn’t believe in Him would have been incredibly embarrassing to a fictional writer contriving a story. The fact this passage IS included not only speaks to the veracity of the account – it underscores its historicity. (In truth, that it is recorded Jesus’ own brothers had such a hard time believing Who Jesus was should actually bolster our faith in the truth of this Word, not undermine it.)

Of course, in our minds we wonder how could it be Jesus’ own brothers did not believe He was the Son of God? Then we wrestle with understanding how difficult it must have been for them since they knew better than anyone He was the son of Joseph and Mary. They grew up with Him. His claims to be the ‘Son of Man,’ or the ‘Son of God’ must have been incredibly difficult for these boys to hear. They may have actually been looking for reasons NOT to believe He was Who He said He was…

After all, how hard would it have been to grow up as Jesus’ brothers? In every situation – while not fully understanding the reason – Jesus would have been perfect, and you would have been a failure by any sort of comparison. It must have been incredibly difficult for Joseph and Mary to display even-handedness across all of Jesus’ brothers and sisters and Jesus. Question: When did they believe?

-Pastor Bill