John 7:25…

John 7:25…

We put a lot of emphasis on where a person is from.

“Where are you from?” is usually one of the first questions we ask a person when we meet the first time. It’s a conversation-starter. (It’s definitely something we will discover over time if not the very first time we meet.)

Where a person is from seems very important to us. Where are you from? (Right now you’re probably wondering where I’m from? Well, I’m from Washington, D.C.)

It was no different for Jesus. The crowd that had gathered to hear Him teach during the Feast of Tabernacles wanted to know where He was from.

They thought they knew.

For some, this was a huge problem according to their understanding of Isaiah 53:8. During the time of Christ, there was a contingent who believed when Messiah appeared no one would know where He was from. He would just appear suddenly, as if out of thin air.

For others, this was a huge problem because they believed according to scripture Messiah would be of the royal lineage of David, and He would be from Bethlehem, Judah. (While this WAS the case, most mistakenly believed that Jesus was from Nazareth, Galilee not Bethlehem, Judah – and this was an insurmountable issue.

Jesus response was very interesting. “You both know Me, and you know where I am from…”

Wait, what? How could they this be? (Essentially Jesus is saying you are without excuse for placing so MUCH emphasis on your mistaken ideas about where you THINK I am from.)

The whole tenor of this accusation against Jesus by the Jews had set all this in motion. But the whole reason Jesus is being accused of breaking the Sabbath was what? That’s right, He healed a man invalid for 38 years. Only a Man of God  – and from God – could do such a thing. Everything else will take care of itself…

-Pastor Bill