John 8:1…

John 8:1…

Condemnation blocks the pathway to God that conviction breaks free.

Many, if not most people feel condemned by religion, and by the thoughts, concepts, and teaching associated with religion.

Condemnation is a strange thing, because it is born of comparison.

This is always what religion invites among men, and it is insidious because it produces a sense of goodness in some and ‘badness’ in others. A great divide.

But even those who consider themselves ‘good’ are in truth wicked in the eyes of God. They are only ‘good’ in their own eyes, and in their own hearts. (Jer 17:9 makes this clear: “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked. Who can know it?”) Those who seek to condemn others do so to attempt to escape the conviction of God aimed at themselves.

God brings His conviction into every heart. This is universally true. God desires all men be saved. (2 Peter 3:9) He would spare every man from hell. (Hell was not created for man, it was created for the devil and his (fallen) angels.) Conviction is the means God employs by the agency of His Holy Spirit to alert fallen man about the danger of his eternal condition which will lead to his eternal condemnation unless addressed when conviction comes.

So the condemned man is spared in each and every case by agreeing with the conviction of God he senses in his heart. (When the conscience has been pricked you are convicted!) The pathway to God is made clear by agreement between God and man about man’s condition apart from the salvation of God. Conviction of God leads man to God, no matter what has occurred. There is no sin which God will NOT forgive, except the sin of refusing to believe the testimony of God’s Holy Spirit – which is conviction.

What about this woman caught in the very act of adultery – which according to the Law of God is punishable by death? Would you condemn her? Should you? Would you condemn Jesus should he fail to condemn her? Would you condemn Jesus should He choose to condemn her? Where do your convictions lie? (In the case of these religious leaders, their convictions were etched in dirt.)

-Pastor Bill