John 8:13…

John 8:13…

How can I know Jesus will always be with me?

This is an incredibly important question for our lives as followers of Christ. Many people make many promises to us in the realm of being a constant support and companion. The question is: What will they do when the heat comes? What will happen to them when the pressure mounts, and when the difficulty is great?

We have the promise of Jesus in Matt 28, that He will be with us even to the end of the age. This is an incredibly important promise, especially as the end of the age appears to draw near, and we experience the predicted difficulties accompanying the end of the age. But there can be a difference in promises and actions can’t there? Over and over again we see examples of great promises made only to melt away in the heat of the moment.

Have you ever wondered why it is we have to ‘solemnly swear’ about just about everything? It’s because we cannot be trusted, (none of us really,) and the only activity which brings us any confidence at all is to make it appear as if our promise is before God, and we will keep it because of that.

(The problem these days is most people don’t really believe in the God they solemnly swear to.)

So again, based on the flakiness of the human condition, and all we have seen within ourselves, how can we know Jesus will always be with us? Is it simply His word? How can we know we can trust His word?

A great embarrassment to us humans Christ came to save is the shabby way we treated Him when He came to save us. It is terrible and shameful to think about what happened to Jesus as He walked in our midst. But have you ever thought this is EXACTLY how Christ’s faithfulness to the ones He came to save was demonstrated?

It is one thing to say you will always be faithful, it is another to demonstrate it time and time again in the face of horrifically unbearable and shameful treatment which should have been reserved for the worst of criminals. Jesus did not shrink in the face of incredible opposition from incredibly powerful men: He will always be with us.

-Pastor Bill