John 8:37…

What IF the Jewish leaders had actually been ‘sons of Abraham?’

This is the postulation Jesus makes next. What if?

It’s not a question of genetics, is it? We know genetically-speaking this crew opposing Jesus IS descended from Abraham – by blood. But Jesus is making a critical distinction.

As Paul would later say, those who are truly sons of Abraham make themselves sons by faith, not by physical descent.

It’s very similar to what happens to us when we pray what we consider to be ‘the Lord’s prayer.’

It begins with, “Our Father.” (Some circles call this prayer ‘The Our Father.’)

Is He really your Father? Have you made Him your Father? Or are these just words you mouth by memory?

The truth is the ONLY way to make God your Father in heaven is to be born again. Jesus said so. You MUST be born again to be born again to be born of the Spirit of God. Being born again makes you a Spiritual descendent of God the Father, and it is what makes the prayer you pray meaningful.

I cannot tell you how many times I prayed the Lord’s prayer before I was born again. I cannot tell you how many times I merely said He was my Father, without having any clue how to make Him my Father…

The reality is I was in the same place the Pharisees are right now with Jesus. He was NOT my Father, and I was judging Him as if I knew something about God. Funny to think we at some point claimed the wisdom to make proper judgments about God and His Son without knowing anything at all about Him. I judged God from a place of complete Spiritual ignorance. And what an ignorant fool I was.

These Pharisees seeking to kill Jesus have no clue what they’re doing. They see themselves as ‘sons of Abraham’ when in reality they are sons of the devil himself.

-Pastor Bill