John 9:1…

John 9:1…

Right before your eyes.

Can you imagine what would have transpired in your life if you had seen Jesus heal a person born blind right before your eyes?

Would it have changed the way you think of Jesus? Would it have changed the way you think of those born blind?

It is important to note in the culture of Jesus’ day – and even among some this day – that being born blind was an indication of the disfavor of God. God was indicating His disfavor with either the parents of the child or the child himself. “Who sinned,” some might say, “this man or his parents, that he was born blind?”

This question was asked of Jesus by His own disciples, lest we think this was some obscure opinion voiced by those embittered by Satan. No such thing. Even good people thought of blindness as retribution for sin of some sort at some time by someone.

Jesus said and showed this is not the case.

But how could His demonstration be received by those who had not seen it happen right before their eyes? (Those who were blind to it.)

The answer is discomforting – especially from religious leaders who were positioned (supposedly by God,) to bless and benefit the people by discerning the truth about the situations of life.

Unfortunately, since they had not witnessed this healing first-hand, they first doubted the man had been healed at all. They postulated the man must have been faking his blindness all these years as a corrupt means of collecting money. Had his parents known this? Had they put him up to it?

His parent’s denial of this, and their confirmation of the truth of his blindness from birth forced the Pharisees to focus their eyes on Jesus. What did they see? They saw only a man who had healed on the Sabbath – and this was deeply upsetting to them. For such upset, they would choose to remain willfully blind because they would choose not to believe what was plain to see.

-Pastor Bill